Leonides I
For all the days that make a year I'll cry 
As all the months that make the seasons die.
We turn in anger from this view of life
As our heroes raced to death with unsheathed knife.
We laughed with our good comrades as they glimmered,
And cried when their departed souls had shimmered,
Then we raced headlong into the desperate breach
Walled up with the death behind on the beach.
So will their fall make us feel any better?
We'll have spread our news in their deaths letters,
Tell the people of heroic deeds undone
By the cackling spittle of machine gun.
Tell them how we had to watch all of them die,
Then ask them if they know the reason why.

Enid Blyton, English author and poet, was born today in 1897.

King Leonides I, Warrior King of Greek city-state Sparta and leader of the fabled 300 Spartans, died on this day in 480BC.

Robin Williams, American actor and comedian, died today in 2014.

Infosec guy by day, Poet by night!

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