Meet me. Meet me deep in the heart 
Of the forest deep, the forest bright,
The forest tall and growing,
The forest of fir and oak.

Meet me, friend, meet me, there.
I'll set my flag and staff,
I'll raise it for your reference,
I'll wait for you to come.

Meet me. Meet my heart in the deep forest,
As the stags wage war in the spring,
As the wolves hunt in their banded pack,
As the bears rage in the sunset.

Meet me. Allow me to greet you.
I have enough to share with you.
We can work together and leave
And you can finally save me.

Napoleon, French military leader, was born today in 1769.

Walter Scott, Scottish historical author, poet and playwright, was born on this day in 1771.

Infosec guy by day, Poet by night!

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