The Northern Lights
Marvellous flexing aura,
In constant change,
Bring us closer to truth.

In truth, in wilder yonder,
We will wonder under
That illuminating blanket

Warming the winter sky,
Hopefully to thaw
Any unnatural selections,

Any unbalanced equations,
That twist like those visual strands
Across the arctic horizon.

Let it lead us
And bring us into equilibrium,
Holding hands

Across a snowbound plain
In heavenly awe
At the sketchbook of God.

Leigh Hunt, English poet and critic, was born today in 1784.

Cassius Marcellus Clay, American abolitionist and plantation owner, was born on this day in 1810.

Philip Pullman, English novelist, was born today in 1946.


Infosec guy by day, Poet by night!

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