Lee Harvey Oswald
In the many years that I have attempted
To scour the depths of human depravity
Nothing could prepare me for the sight
Of butchery as when witnessing evisceration.

The extraction of slithering innards
To fuel the home fires and the ringing
Remaining in my ear as memory
Of the perfectly severed scream.

I never realised that the gurgling sound
Was regurgitated blood flooding up from
The gutless void as they're ripped
Unceremoniously from his echoing chambers.

Study, of course, can sometimes be rewarding
And sometimes be frightening, even eye-watering...
Just like the eyeless skull of the blinded thief
Waiting patiently for the extraction of his hands.

So, I'll be a scholar in the art of filth
And learn all the ways to flay a corpse
So I can dance in my own personal
Hand stitched man-skin morning suit.

Ted Bundy, American serial killer, was born today in 1946.

Lee Harvey Oswald, American assassin responsible for the murder of President John F. Kennedy, died today in 1963.

Infosec guy by day, Poet by night!

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