John Horton Conway
The street life tarnished the rest of society.
Gliding it all away into obscurity,
So it lost all its luster.
It reduces the senses,
Like mother's strongest gin,
Sending her bounding,
Insane and naked, 
Straight down to the Thames
For a swim with her lost children.
The incessant droning din
Of performers in Covent Garden
Pollutes my ears and degrades my mind.
Their inane warble to fool the mob
Brings disrepute to our proud kingdom
And, quite frankly, our species! 

Charles Babbage, English polymath, was born today in 1791.

John Horton Conway, English mathematician, famous for Conway’s Game of Life, was born today in 1937.

Infosec guy by day, Poet by night!

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