Happy New Year

Morning all. I wanted to wish you all a happy new year. Also, I wanted to thank you all for joining me on my journey through poetic adventure. I hope you will continue to help me with my experiment.

Unusually this isn’t a poem. But, don’t worry. I will write one for today.

For the last year I’ve written a poem each day about the day. The poetry is inspired by the people who were born or died, or events that occurred on the day, and I have included links to all the relevant subjects.

So, that’s 365 poems. I’ve also added a couple of extra poems along the way.

Originally, when I decided to start this, I thought I would only produce haikus, but slowly over the course of the year I expanded the forms of poetry. Now, you’ll find villanelles, sonnets, odes and ballads (as well as haikus)…

I enjoy the process of writing the poems and will be continuing this year. I have been considering only using fixed forms, but I think that could be too restrictive.

I think I will be using fixed forms, but will vary when these are used. I originally thought I would use a specific form on a specific day. You know… “Free verse Friday”, “Sonnet Sunday”, etc. But, I think I’ll switch it up, because the form needs to fit the poem, rather than forcing a poem into a form.

Also, I promise this year I will also include a sestina. However, I think the sestina is probably the trickiest form to use and will take a considerable amount of planning.

During this year I’ve attempted (not successfully all the time) to publish the poem each morning at 9.30am UK time. This has been especially tricky at certain times of the year, especially over Christmas. So this year I’ll aim to publish the daily poem at some point during the 24 hour period.

I wrote the first 3 months of poems before I published them, but now I’ll be working through each day.

Photo: Pixabay

So now I have 365 poems, what am I going to do with them?

My first and only thought was to publish them. I’ve already started collating each day. I’ve decided to maintain a published format as close to the website format as possible. Most images you find on Wikipedia are already public domain, but some have a specific licence. So the hard work is in identifying the source of each image and include the acknowledgement and licence.

I aim to get these published very soon, so keep an eye out.

The other thing is that with so many poems the content could get quite dense. So I thought about creating a greatest hits selection. Perhaps 45-50 poems from the year. If you have any favourites please let me know in the comments section.

Once again, let me thank you all for subscribing and I hope you will continue to enjoy our journey together.



Infosec guy by day, Poet by night!

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