Tom Baker
I'm trying to remember who told me the story of the stars.
How God unpacked them from a box in His attic.
Don't ask me how they got there. I'm always finding plot holes.
He had them up there forever, so dusty, so tarnished.
He polished them with the sleeve and they soon regained their twinkle.
Scratching His chin, he wondered where to put them
When he remembered the old black table cloth
His Grandad made from half of Great-Grandma's body. 
Her table stretched back to the seas, to the waves and mingling.
He threw it up, unfurling it like the curtain of night,
And cast up the stars, which hung crisp in the weave,
And then there was time. Time to rest, 
Just like my old Grandma, who told spun me that yarn.

DeForest Kelly, American actor famous for playing Dr Leonard “Bones” McCoy in Star Trek, was born today in 1920.

Buzz Aldrin, American astronaut who, with Neil Armstrong, were the first humans to land on the moon, was born today in 1930.

Tom Baker, English actor and writer, who played the 4th Doctor in Doctor Who, was born today in 1934.

David Lynch, American filmmaker, painter, musician, actor and photographer, was born today in 1946.

Infosec guy by day, Poet by night!

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